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Marriage of Reason and Squalor - Print Edition


Edition of 250 with a hand coloured etching by Jake Chapman.
Signed and numbered in a black cloth bound Solander box. 

In his first work of fiction, artist Jake Chapman slashes the romantic 
novel down to bare bone and constructs his own disfigured version 
from the slaughtered remains.

Chlamydia Love is gifted her very own tropical island by her fiancé, 
where she develops a grudging adoration for its real owner, the 
enigmatic bestselling author, Helmut Mandragorass. A battle between 
her fiancé and Helmut ensues, for ownership of the island and 
ultimately for the love of Chlamydia.

This mercilessly subversive tale is illustrated by Chlamydia's 
watercolours entitled Visions of Morass, images inspired by the island 
as she struggles with her feelings of agony and ecstasy.

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